Breast Enlargement

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Women who feel their breasts are too small or lack volume. When clothes fit well around the hips but are too large around the bust line. Weight loss, childbirth or aging can contribute to a change in the original shape or volume of breasts that can be corrected with breast implants. Breast implants can also benefit women who have developed small breasts and would like them to be larger.

Incisions and technique:

Three possible incision choices are either an incision within the armpit, a half-moon following the lower edge of the areola or an incision one or two inches long underneath the breast along the fold. From the incision a pocket is made either behind the breast or under the pectoral muscle into which the implant is inserted. Whether the implant is placed above or below the chest muscle and this is decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the kind of implant chosen. In the case of flaccid breasts a lift may be recommended in conjunction with the augmentation.


For two to three weeks there will be temporary soreness and sensitivity, swelling, a change in nipple sensation and possibly bruising.

The patient may return to work within a few days as long as the work is not physically strenuous.

Dressings will be changed over several days following the immediate post-op.

Showering, following surgery, is permitted within three and seven days and stitches are removed after seven days.

Driving is permitted after two weeks and exercise after two or three weeks.

A support bra should be worn for a month.


A computer imaging consultation is the greatest tool in choosing the appropriate new size and shape for breasts. Digital imaging can help chose the incision method and show the patient’s breasts in various sizes.

Duration of the Results

Breast augmentation us usually long-lasting. Significant weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding can all affect breast size in an unpredictable way. Breast implants do not affect pregnancy or the ability to breast-feed. Implants may, in some cases, need replacement or removal. If the appearance of breasts change with age it is possible to undergo a breast lift to improve contour.


Silicone implants are used to enhance the size of breasts.


Breast augmentation can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation as well as general anesthesia.

Operating Time

1 to 1 and half hours


Breast augmentation is usually performed on an inpatient basis.

Possible Complications

Nipple or breast sensation may change but this is usually temporary. In rare cases capsular contracture can provoke breast hardness, in which case surgical removal and replacement of the implants may be required.


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